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SILVERBACK "Mexican Style" Training Gloves

Product Code: SSG-3
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SILVERBACK "Mexican Style" Training Gloves

Greetings and salutations fellow primates. I'm happy to introduce our new addition to the Silverback line at Gorilla fight Gear. This addition is  our "Mexican Style" training gloves.  There has been a lot of hype on the internet when it comes to Mexican Style boxing gloves. Most of the good gloves we seen run in the price range between $149 to 199.  At first I was skeptical on jumping on making these gloves as the majority of my clientele are muay thai practitioners or mixed martial artists not boxers. However after seeing a lot of positive reviews of the Cleto Reyes brand of Mexican style gloves, I decided to give them a shot and making our very own model of Mexican Style Boxing gloves. Pulling no punches in the process, I went straight to ripping apart some expensive gloves to see what the hype was about.  From that point, we pretty much kept what we liked and made a few little upgrades here and there in hopes to make our product better than the original we sacrificed for this project. 

Warning if you don't like reading you can skip to the bottom to review this gloves features and size specific guidlines. Also please review the pictures and videos of this product.

Warning These gloves are only stocked in limited quantities and we only restock once we are completely sold out of the 16oz size.

Quality & Craftsmanship:

The materials that were used in these Mexican style boxing gloves look and feel real nice, and the weights of the gloves are spot on. The leather is a thick full grain cowhide leather not that thin process crap. This choice of leather may be some of the best on the market and even an overkill if that is possible. It's the thickest you will ever find on a pair of boxing gloves however it doesn't have that shiny glossy look and feel from more processed thinner leathers. They have that rich, thick textured look and feel that you'd expect to find on an expensive leather jacket or sofa.  All the stitching we used was in a thick Nylon thread for greater durability. Sometimes the lines of the stitching might not be 100% straight but they are hand crafted. What matters is that the stitching is durable, and you shouldn't have too many popped stitches after a year of average training use and abuse (2 sessions /week).   The padding we used is a combination of Low, high and Medium density foams that are all Grade A. The quality of the foams will take a long time to break down. I know because I hammer tested each layer of foam in these gloves, and they outlasted me, I got bored trying to destroy the foam.  Lower Quality foams can be destroyed very quickly with my barbaric hammer testing technique. 

Fit & Feel:

The best thing I can say about the fit of these gloves is that they allow you to make a tight fist and land with the knuckles. The fit if you have large hands will be too tight for the 16oz gloves I would recommend if you have large hands to go with the 18oz gloves. Same goes for you if you have long hands as your thumb might be cramped in the 16oz model while feeling nice and free in the 18oz model. When clients look at these gloves for the first time, I tend to notice that the clients that instantly fall in love with them tend to have smaller hands and forearms. The clients with wider hands and forearms tend to have a hard time getting them on the right out of the box as the bungee laces are stiff and not adjustable. However over time the bungee laces do loosen up a lot, I also tell these bigger guys "just cut the laces off which solves the problem instantly".  Like I said these are snug fitting gloves out of the box, so keep that in mind before ordering.

The fist compartment is snug and allows for you to make a tight fist with little resistance. The padding is already pre-curved so just putting your hand in the glove your already 75% of the way to making a fist, with a little squeeze your fist is tight. You don't have to put much effort. Opening your glove to catch punches or do some clinch work take a bit more effort at first but after the padding is more broken in it becomes easier. The lining is durable but not soft and comfortable. Unless you have removed your bungee laces, I have to recommend taking some extra steps to keeping the gloves dry between training sessions. I would keep  the gloves aired out at all times to prevent them from developing that all too familiar “glove funk”. Also airing out your gloves is good maintenance and will enhance the gloves lifespan regardless if they are laced up or not. Like most gloves if they fit is not perfect out of the box they will break in and conform to your hand. 

In the end if you like the fit of Cleto Reyes styled gloves then you'll like these gloves, however unlike normal Cleto Reyes styles gloves these have a tighter hand compartment and cuff area.


These gloves are great gloves for sparring,pad and bag work. They protect your hands  and the foam is soft but not too soft that your hands are going to bottom out and cause too much trauma to your training partners. They wrist support is to notch and can protect your week wrists from kick on both the palm and back side of the glove. Don't expect to do too much wrist flexion or extension while these gloves are securely attached to your hands. Keep in mind these have be designed to be Mexican punching gloves with better padding and wrist support but in the end they are still classified as a Mexican boxing glove. If you like Mexican styled gloves then you'll be happy with the performance of these gloves and the protection, they offer protection. If you are looking for more protection please check out our Tyro gloves, thai style, American Style, and our new Japanese Style gloves.  Truthfully it's all about "different strokes for different folks" and i just want you to make an informed decision when ordering your next pair of gloves otherwise i wouldn't of took the time to write the ****** novel. LOL

  • 1.3mm Thick Full Grain Genuine Cowhide Leather for a rich textured look and feel plus greater durability.
  • Wider contact surface which instantly increases your defensive blocking performance, however makes you work a bit harder to land clean punches forcing you to enhance your offense.
  • 1.75" of Grade "A" quality padding created primarily for greater durability.
  • Nice snug comfortable hand compartment if sized right.
  • 4 inches heavy padded cuff  with bungee laces for better wrist support, bungee laces, which can easily be removed.
  • 3 inch velcro strap with piping for additional wrist support. 
  • Vented palm and thumb to allow some air circulation trough the glove.
  • Curved Thumb with Thumblock to keep you from jamming your thumb in your training partners eye.
  • Hybrid Velcro Wrist strap with bungee laces for added support and if you hate the laces, these can still be used as velcro only gloves.
  • Available in black with Grey piping and white contrast colors
  • In 16oz(for small to medium sized hands), and 18oz(for large or long hands).
  • If your not a fan of Cleto Reyes training gloves you might not like these gloves, however 

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