"UltraLight" 8oz kids BJJ Gi

Hey, fellow Primates we have a new kids BJJ gi that has been in design for almost two years and is finally out ready to ship. This new kid BJJ gi has been developed based on the feedback of Gracie Winnipeg and Revelation Martial Arts who both have great kids Jiu Jitsu programs here in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. They needed a gi that their small clients didn't hate to put on, the problem was most BJJ, and Judo gis designed for kids are just smaller versions of adult gis. Those BJJ and judo gis are very uncomfortable for the more miniature jiu-jitsu partitioners. That are just starting out in Brazilian jiujitsu. 


Key Features 

  • 225gr/m Cotton Weave Jacket and pants which are extremely lightweight, and comfortable.
  • One Piece Jacket, this means fewer seams which equals greater durability, and no irritating back seam when your little jiujitsu player is working on his guard game.
  • Pre-Shrunk so it won't shrink like crazy on your first wash
  • Super thin collar which is fast to dye, but more importantly comfortable on any miniature jiujitsu practitioners little neck.
  • Tighter short body cut bjj gi top 
  • All Seams are Triple Stitched for greater durability
  • All stress points are Heavily reinforced so the Gi will outlast your little boy or girls growth.
  • Stretchy elastic waistband for secure, comfortable fit
  • No logos so you have plenty of room to put school patches
  • Available in White 
  • Available in the following sizes K-XS, K-S, K-M, K-L, K-XL and S (see size chart)


    You can review the size chart tab for more detail size chart information but this is going to be the good info that will help you in making the right size choice, cause there is nothing I hate more than order stuff only just to find out it doesn't fit or the size chart info didn't apply to my body type what so ever.  

    First off when looking at the detailed size chart keep in mind that this fabric has a max 8-10% on the length of the fabric

    Sizes  Ages     HeightWeight
    K-XS4-53'0" - 3'8"

    35 – 45 lbs.

    K-S5-63'9" - 4'4"
    47 – 60 lbs.
    K-M6-83'10" - 4’6"
    60 – 70 lbs.
    K-L8-104'6" - 4'11"

    70 - 85 lbs.

    K-XL10-124'8" - 5'0"
    70-100 lbs.
    Small12-135'0" - 5'5"
    100 – 150 lbs

    If you are 5'5" 180lbs = L is the better fit due to your weight

    If you are 5'8" 185lbs = L is the best fit

    If you are 5'10" 155lbs = L is the better fit based of your height

    If you are 6'3" 185lbs = XL is the better fit based on your height

    If you are 6'2" 210lbs = XL is the best fit

    If you are 6'1" 380lbs = B5XL is the best fit

    If you are 6'5" 270lbs = 2XL is the best fit based on your height

    If you are 5'10" 210lbs = XL is the better fit based on your weight

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