head guards and scissors

Posted by Gorilla 13/01/2017 0 Comment(s) Area 51,

I was pissing around today after watching some reviews on different head guards people like. It got me thinking a lot of people seem to love the lace up head guards because of their superior fit, but also a lot of people love the velcro head guards because of how easy you can slap them on different boxers heads as they are so quick and easy to adjust. So I grabbed my scissors and wanted to see how easy i could turn our prototype lace up ultra light head guard in a velcro set-up by making a lace-velcro converter from another head guard I had kicking around. Within ten mins I was able to turn the lace up headgear into a fully functional velcro head guard. sweet. All that means im going to make sure a velcro converter is going to be an option for all our lace up head guards I plan on bringing in.



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