Primal "Ultra Light" Headgear

New Primal "Ultra Light" Headgear

Hey, you crazy primates, are you looking for one of the best light weight head gears on the market to use for your boxing, Muay Thai or MMA sparring sessions. Well, guess what you're on the right motha f****ing page. You can go ahead and close all those other tabs of other head gears unless you like wasting yout time; they just don't compare to what you're looking at right here. This head guard is so slim you'll be slipping your opponents punches with very little head movement. It's so light and comfortable you'll forget you even have it on and might catch yourself driving home from the gym with it still on you head how embarrassing would that be, you're going to look like such a goof ball when it happens, and it will occur at least once a week for sure. Here's the kicker, the protection on the front of the face, is out of this world with 1.25 to 1.5" of our new super shock 2 foam padding the only thing that will offer more protection is our silverback face saver headgear. Don't hesitate to grab one while they are still in stock you don't want to be one of those guys that's waiting for us to be restocked.

Key Features

  • Artic PVC shell which is durable, lightweight, can handle extreme temperatures and is easy to clean.
  • Comfortable Amara inner liner
  • Very slim fit offering your training partners a smaller target to hit.
  • 1 1/4 inch Super Shock 2.0 pad which offers amazing comfort and but unbelievable shock absorption.
  • 1 1/2 inches of padding over the nose which provides unbeatable protection for your big nose lol
  • Super Wide velcro rear strapping system, with laces so when you tie them up the first time, you'll never have to do it again.
  • 3 sizes small, Medium and large (please check your head circumference to assure proper fit)



This Boxing Headgear are in stock and ready to ship via our warehouse in Winnipeg Canada

How to measure your head


  • Measure around your head, with a flexible measuring tape for the best results
  • Be sure go around the widest part of your head so the tape should be located just about your brow on the front and halfway on your occipital bone, the humped part at the back of your head.
  • Measure a few times to obtain a consistent size
  • Use the chart below to determine your headgear size

    Fit Guide


    Once you have measured your head, you’ll know your size and can start shopping. Keep in mind that not everyone may conform to the size chart but most people should. Also if your in between sizes it's really a toss up as to which size would be a better fit for you. as they would both fit you fine and it will come down to personal preference as to which size you would prefer.


    Quick Note: the average adult circumference for men is normally around 58-59cm the average for women this number is 55-56cm.

    Size CentimetersInches

    This training headgear is in stock and ready to ship via our warehouse in Winnipeg Canada

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