Soft Fill Punching Bag Service New
Gorilla Cotton Handwraps New
Gorilla Fight Gear's traditional herringbone weave Thai Boxing Wraps have been around a long tim..

"The Rebel" BJJ Gi Belts New
Greetings again fellow Primates.  If your in the market for a high end bjj gi fabric belt that ..

Custom Embridery BJJ Gi Patches New
We are starting to offer custom Embroidery  gi patch services...

These cloth instep shin guards are the best on the market today. Nothing compares to them at all..

Gorilla Fight Gear's Apeman Gel-Lock MMA Mouth guard is a single sided two layered mouth guard ..

Gorilla Fight Gear's Primal Muay Thai styled training gloves are designed to offer goo..

TYRO PVC boxing gloves are a serious gloves for a serious combat athlete. These PVC Boxing Glove..

Gorilla Fight Gear's semi elastic mexican styled handwraps are made from a cotton/spandex blend,..

 "Low Pro" Headgear only Large Left -63%
The Primal "Low Pro" Headgear is a great compact low profile headgear that offers great protection a..
$79.00 $29.00

Bag Gloves -58%
Gorilla's Primal Bag gloves are great for hitting the pads, double end bags, and punching bags..
$69.00 $29.00

Hitman Pro Fight MMA Gloves -50%
Gorilla Fight Gear's "Hitman" Pro Fight MMA gloves are a great pair of 4oz mma gloves for co..
$49.00 $24.50

Hitman Sparring Gloves -30%
Gorilla Fight Gear's "Hitman" Sparring gloves are our version of what a Mexican style puncher's ..
$99.00 $69.30

ABOUT OUR CUSTOM GISWhether you are looking, to own a unique BJJ gi that fits your personality and o..

We are starting to offer custom woven gi patch services...

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Building On A Good Foundation

All our products have been built on a solid foundation. We've been designing solid fight gear since 2005 and train in our gear day after day. We make functional quality gear not fancy gear full of gimicky features. 

Best Headgear On the Market

We have some of the best headgear on the market. If you don't believe us just then you just have to check it out for yourself, and with a 60-day return policy what do you have to lose.

Small Personal Service

Gorilla Fight Gear is a small family own business with no plans on growing into a faceless corporate giant. So expect personal service whenever you deal with Gorilla.  We are alwasy willing to go that extra mile for keep our clients happy even if we are busy.

More Unique Sizes

We understand people come in different sizes, and it would be much easier and smarter business wise to stick to the regular sizing that 80% of the people fall into and just call it a day. However at Gorilla we don't play that game, we want to make sure the other 20% the big the husky, the curvy, and the slim and lanky all have a size that suits them.

Join Our legion

We are constantly looking for new retailers and sales agents. So if you don't currently carry Gorilla Fight Gear products at your club (big or small) don't hesitate to contact us. Hell if you noticed that your club doesn't sell our gear we would be happy to have you rep our gear to your fellow training partners and make some money to pay for yor training and privates. :)

Happy With Your Gorilla Gear

If your Happy with our Gear don't hesitate to let us know. Hell let everyone know as we give $5 store credit (up to $25 er product) for every link to a review you may of posted online.