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Kids Muay Thai Punching Bags - Unfilled

With the explosive growth of MMA, youth from around the world are starting to beg their parents ..


Lil Tikes Punching Bags - Unfilled

These tiny little punching bags are for little people that love watching you train and try to cop..


4ft punching bag - Unfilled

This bag is great when you really want to focus of footwork, cutting angles and evading the bag ..


4ft sharpshooter bag - Unfilled

Have you been looking for a skinny 4ft punching bag to hone your fists with pinpoint accuracy? O..


headhunter Punching Bags - Unfilled

Hello my fellow primates, i wasn't planning on bringing in new equipment I'm actually tryin..


Round Punching Bags - Unfilled

Gorilla Fight Gear's has designed one of the bigger body snatcher punching bags on the market to..


6ft Muay Thai Bag - Unfilled

Gorilla Fight Gear's 6ft Muay Thai bag is made from a Heavy Durable PVC shell which unlike leath..


Super Heavy Muay Thai Bag - Unfilled

Gorilla Fight Gear's Super Heavy 6ft Muay Thai bags are the biggest bags you will find in Canada..