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Gel-Lock Mouth guard with case

Product Code: MG-2
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Gel-Lock Mouth guard with case

Gorilla Fight Gear's Apeman Gel-Lock MMA Mouth guard is a single sided two layered mouth guard offering unbeatable entry level protection superior to what you would get from any single layered single sided mouth guard on the market. Due to the Inner Gel Layer this MMA mouth guard is easy to mold and in the end provides a lock tight seal around your teeth that will help prevent your mouth guard from shifting or falling out when taking a hard hit to the face. The outer layer of the mouth guard is made from a medical grade rubberize plastic that is soft and pliable, but is thick enough to offer greater shock absorption compared to regular EVA plastics. This product was CE certified and FDA approved by our manufacturer not sure what that really means to you but i figured i should add it to the description. Unlike big mouth guard companies we don't offer empty warranties that end up being to good to be true. The reality is if you training mma, muay thai, kick boxing or any combat sport that you are going to subject yourself to getting kicked, kneed, elbowed, and punched in the face there is no insurance that can cover you. However we will try our absolute best to make sure you have the highest quality mouth guard that can be produced. So you can take that punishment and hopefully at the end of the day you'll still be in great shape, to do it all again the next day.

How do I take care of my mouthguard?


  • Two Layer Single mouth guard
  • Designed to give your teeth a fighting chance when training
  • Once fitted properly it locks tight to your teeth
  • Boil and bite fit gives a custom fit in Seconds
  • Sized For adults 11yrs old and up
  • Available in Black with a blue gel inner layer
  • Sold with Case
  • No empty dental warranty is offered or implied all we can say is training in a mouth guard is better then not training in one, regardless of your sport.

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