This is an awesome explanation of why you should do Brazilian jiu-jitsu from one of joe rogan’s podcast (explicit language)

Joe Rogan is hitting the hammer on the nail 100%, no martial art on the planet gets you mentally ready for a real confrontation then Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In BJJ every day you step on the mat and fight grown men at 100% till someone gives up, and you do it again, again and again, see in submission grappling nobody really gets hurt. Meanwhile, in other martial arts and combat sports you kind of have to hold back in training, so you don’t get hurt, and your training partners don’t get hurt. The problem is you never know what you’re capable of. Or what others are capable of doing to you. So there will always be a level of anxiety that you might not have had if you trained at 100% like you do in BJJ.


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