what makes A Gi The Best BJJ Gi


This is not a going to be a BJJ Gi review page, although there will be information here to give you idea on what your think the best gi for you might be, that is pretty much it, in the end its up to you to look into it your self when shipping for your next bjj gi. Keep in mind there is no such thing as the best BJJ gi out there, there is only the what gi is best for what your looking for at the moment. If your looking for a flashy gi then a blank gi might not be the best gi for your and vice versa.  If your a 300lbs gorilla a gi built for someone of the same height but only 230lbs might not be your best fitting choice.

Whats the Best BJJ Gi for a beginner 

For beginners to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu the most important thing we feel you should consider in the purchasing your first BJJ Gi is price. Most people who start something new that is physically demanding like jiu-jitsu will normally quite within the first 3 months. 90% will quite before they reach blue belt status. Only 1% of those blue belts ever making it to black belt. Im not trying to scare you away from brazillian jiu-jitsu it’s just a complicated and demanding combat sport. However alot of schools have noticed this trend and have created white belt classes geared towards retaining clients instead of weeding out the weak. So the chance of a new student quieting from their very first class is much lower now then it use to be in the past when i first started.  I still don’t see the point of buying the most expensive bjj gi if you might fall in that 90% of people who start BJJ and quite within the first 2 years. Just get the cheapest gi that fits, and even if it doesn’t fits like a glove dont worry about it. If you quite you’ll never wear it again anyways, and if you are the few that can stick with it and become a boa constrictor on the mats your first gi is just the gi you use as a guide to what you really want in your next bjj gi, by the time your a blue or purple belt you might have a half dozen or more gis rotating in your closet.

After Price its the fit review the size chart and remember picking a gi based on the size chart can sometimes be tricky as not every body style and shape is represented with generic size charts. A rule of thumb is if your unsure of the size going a size up is always a safe bet as a gi can always be shrunk down fairly easily and most cotton gis even if they have been pre shrunk will shrink over time. so if you end up with a gi that out of the box the sleeves go down to your knuckles dont fret in a few months those sleeves might fit perfectly.