Do you hate wearing a mouth guard well your not alone, i have personally been doing jiu-jitsu kickboxing and mma off in on for well over 2 decades now. and truthfully i haven’t’ worn a mouth guard in all that time unless i was going to be doing some hard sparring with someone i knew liked going hard and didn’t really have a lets go light gear when sparring… in training and drilling or while live wrestling or rolling i never put them on.. I just hated how they felt i had a hard time staying focus on my training as my mind would wonder on how i didn’t like the feel of the bulky mouth guard in my mouth. and id always have to pull them out to talk and put them pack in talk about annoying as a mother fucker. 

I did chip a tooth once when trying to pass someones guard i was pretty lucky it could have been worst. I have one of my kickboxing coaches had a bridge for all he missing teeth he had knocked out over the years of trying etc. so after 20 years having a chipped tooth isn’t that bad.

 Well now we have some new ultra light ultra thin mouth guards, these mouth guards are as thin as a credit card, they come out of the box flat and when put into boiling water to soften up the entire mouth guard molds completely to every surface of your teeth. Unlike traditional boil and bite mouth guards that just mold to your bottom of your teeth, and slightly couture to the fronts and back areas but not like these do. making these mouth guards give you a superior fit to those traditional ones by far.

If your looking for a tailor fitted mouth gaurd that costs a fraction of what it would cost to get a custom mouth guard made through your dentists which can cost anywhere from $200 to 500. $24.99 will be nothing in comparision for the same level of comfort and security.


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