Clubber BJJ Gis in B2XL, B3XL & B4XL

Looks like we are out of white clubber gis in B2XL up to B4XL. Might have 1 or 2 left of black in the B2XL. a handful of blue with 1-2 black in the B3XL and 2 blue in the B4XL. Otherwise we are very loow in these sizes for the clubber gis. So if you are on the fence on picking one of these up in these sizes do it now ohterwise the wait on the back orders might be 6-8 weeks assuming shit doesn’t gt to crazy out there with the corona virus. i had one shipment scheduled to go by air cargo this week but the shipping company wanted express rates to get it shipped which is bullshit. If companies are going to try to make extra money during this time im not gogin to support it and will be fine with my stock sitting waiting for thngs to chill before moving.

Clubber Gold Weave BJJ Gi


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“Journey” The Perfect Travel BJJ Gi


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Silverback number 5 Jiu-Jitsu Gis


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We do have tons of stock in our silverback perl weave bjj gis and decent stock in our jouney ripstop bjj gis in our big sizes.