Well Fellow primates we just added a size guide to accompany the bjj gi size chart as well as making the the size chart easier to find on the all our product pages. This detailed size guide is located in a tab next to the product description. It will have the measurement details of the gi sizes as well as how to figure out your size if you don’t have a gi, we will be adding more side by side photos of people in gis to give you a visual as well as our quick Thoughts on how each size fit on that individuals body type. hopefully this will give some of you more info on sizing before purchasing your next gi from gorilla fight gear.

army green perl weave gi3

Also today we added 2 more side by side visuals in the size guide. one for tall lanky bjj players and for tall ones that have that thinner athletic build but not considered lanky. You can review our guides below for your curiosity.  As you can see we don’t just make gis for big Gorillas we also make them for lanky primates as well.

Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with a baggy gi to me a good training gi is one that is on the baggy side as it makes it much easier to handicap yourself with having to grip fight a lot more as there is more loose fabric for training partners to grab. Then when you compete to slap on a slimmer one and it almost feels like your rolling no gi as its so much tougher to grab you, and you feel liberated by the lake of handles your opponents have access to.

tall lanky bjj size guide
  • M = fit fine but overtime would end up to short in the sleeves
  • MT = fit perfect
  • L = lengthwise was good but was on the baggy side
  • LT = Too Long and Too Baggy
large tall bjj gi size guide
  • L= fit fine but maybe too short over time
  • LT = fit perfect
  • XL =fit good lengthwise but was a bit on the baggy side

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