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Gorilla Fight Gear

Hello Fellow Primates

Gorilla Fight Gear is a small fight gear brand that specializes in designing fight gear and apparel for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, and MMA. We were one of the first companies to, truly explore the idea of expanding the size charts into the realm of making big, as well as tall and lanky gis sizes.

est. 2005

We've been in the industry for over a decade and half sold Gorilla Fight Gear to people all over the world. Over the years our focus as a company has shifted from trying to make sure super thick and protective equipment, to making super comfortable equipment. 


At Gorilla Fight Gear

  • We strive to make good products with high-quality materials!
  • We design and unique products where comfort and safety is the primary focus!
  • We offer a personal Level of customer service. Being a small company, you will deal with the owner personally in all your transactions with Gorilla!
  • We care about making good products!
  • If we aren't satisfied with a product we normally clear it out as quickly as we can to our wholesale clients.

About The Owner

After watching the first UFC back when Mike was 13years old, he was hooked on martial arts. At first he just bounced around from martial art club to martial arts club. Then one day he wandered into a new MMA club that had just opened up which offered JKD style of training stand-up clinch and ground and from that point on Mike was obsessed. Now a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt since 2016, and still a lifelong student of boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling. He can be seen on a regular basis peddling his gear to locals and shooting the shit with anyone that shares his passion for combat sports.

We rely on you!

At Gorilla fight gear we don't really advertise in the traditional sense, most of our business comes from word of mouth and has been that way since day one back in 2005. So if you're happy with our products or service and want to tell the world we are happy to offer a small store credit that can go towards your next order at the gorilla. We do this as our way to say thank you.