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Our Kids gis will be restocked sometime late next week! followed by boxing gloves shin guards etc.

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27 Nov Boxing gloves done right
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Some sort of hand protection or the weaponization of a boxer's fists have been around for a very long time. In Anceint greece  the greeks and then Romans would wrap their hands up and add extra materi..
27 Nov what colors should we focus on for boxing gloves
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when we look at this chart for men you basically assume blue is the go-to color to make everything followed by green and black, but from the sale of boxing gloves when you have red and blue as the 2 o..
06 Nov BJJ Gi Size Guide Added
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we are working hard on the new site to get ready for all the new gear that is coming in this fall. we just finished adding the BJJ gi size guide for adult gis. Hopefully, it will help you all when pla..
06 Nov Gold Weave, kids ultra light, and ripstop gis are almost here
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I finally got word that our sea shipment that i believe was shipped from the factory at the end of June has finally made it to the port of Halifax and show be clearing customs sometime next week so ho..
30 Oct Tall Lanky BJj Gi sizes
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Well Fellow primates we just added a size guide to accompany the bjj gi size chart as well as making the size chart easier to find on all our product pages. This detailed size guide is located in a ta..
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