Our Fundamental micro pearl weave gis were only brought in to make sure we didn't have any shortages of our B3XL and B4XL sized BJJ gis. Well, that didn't quite go as planned, as manufacturing always takes more time than initially expected. If the factory says it will be ready in 4-6 weeks, expect it takes 4-6 months. Just the way it is.

I'm under the impression that the full order is almost ready to ship by air cargo very soon, so Just to be safe, im going to set the shipping out the date of all the pre-orders to Late March, 2023. This means anyone who places an order for a pre-ordered size will have their gi shipped out around march 31st.

The fundament bjj gis in B3XL and B4XL as well as the out-of-stock sizes of the army green and grey gis, we should also have all the big sizes of the new lavender bjj gis.

other bjj items coming in will be kids gis getting restocked as well as kids bjj belts and adult gi fabric belts