we are working hard on the new site to get ready for all the new gear that is coming in this fall. we just finished adding the BJJ gi size guide for adult gis. Hopefully, it will help you all when placing your next order with Gorilla.

In terms of a BJJ Gi size charts or guides, we know all brands usually include size charts. The bjj size charts all contain a bunch of different sizes that usually overlap in height and weight. They also have all these weird letters and numbers for labelling each size that’ll surely make most that are buying their first gi lost and confused in figuring out which gi size to purchase. To be frank, I sometimes wonder what the hell is was when I start to see decimal sizes that represent half sizes. or L sized which can represent Large or Long, S next to the size which could mean slim or short. In these cases, i have to quickly look for a legend to the size chart to clear up what these numbers or letters mean. It is like straight out of a quantum physics textbook, and not at all fun as you might assume :) especially when you have to put yourself out of a couple of hundred bucks for a gi, shipping possible duties and taxes. just to get the wrong size have had to start the process over by returning the gi for an exchange where you have to cough up shipping again and possible duties and taxes for a second time if you are importing the gi from another country.

With that being said we at Gorilla hopefully made things a bit simpler for you. 

  1. First, off about 8 to 10 years ago, we shed the Brazilian jiujitsu size labelling standards to go with regular North American apparel size labelling much easier for anyone new to Brazillian Jiu-jitsu.
  2. Then we took that an extra step and reviewed tons of apparel size charts and purchased long sleeve shirts,  shorts and pants that all seem to be of north American standard sizing and built our size charts to make sure we matched these North American size standards, especially in the big sizes. 
  3. We kept the Brazilian sizes on our chart for people that are BJJ veterans and used to the Letter/number labelling systems just for reference purpose only if you tell us you normally were an A2 we will tell you your most likely a Medium, but to please review our guide. 
  4. Our regular adult sizes are labelled S through 2XL with the cut-off at 5ft between the adults and the kids. Kids sizes are labelled with a K. so a KXL would be for a more 12-year-old child that is around 100lbs while an XL would be for someone 6ft tall and over 200lbs
  5. Around 2008-2010 we started bringing in taller/slimmer sizes. These taller sizes have a T(tall) next to the width these bjj gis tend to be 2 sizes taller than they are wide. we may still be making adust to our tall lanky sizes in the future.  It will all be based on our client's feedback on our current sizes.
  6. Around 2010 we started to bring in Bigger sizes. it was a few years of trial and error but thanks to everyone's feedback these sizes are fairly accurate to size. these sizes now have a B (big) on the label next to the width. You will notice the sizes also overlap with the regular size as BXL is an XL in width but an M in height or for you BJJ vertrans it would be the same as a A2/A4 or A2XL or A2H maybe not an A2H they tend to be smaller in size the size charts i have seen with them maybe A2HH. So if you are say 5ft 6 but 250lbs B2XL would be like buying a 2XL and getting it tailored down for your height right out of the box. for sizes B3xl and up there is really nothing else out there that compares size-wise from other brands. Gorilla Fight Gear offers the biggest sizes out there n one else comes close with their H(hefty) or L(large) sizes.
  7. Last we added to the guide actual photos of people with different body types trying on different sizes and giving their pros and cons of each size as they try them on. We will continue to add more as we have a chance to have more body types come through our doors however the majority we see locally are 5'5" to 6'0" and under 200lbs. It might take some time to have every possible body type on that guide for quick reference, but we will get there.

 So please refer to this guide we do still get a lot of questions like:

  • I do have a size for me my "whatever brand" of gi and in a6 doesn't fit good do you have something bigger? The answer is always "Do we have something bigger.. of course, we do, but have you reviewed the size chart yet?" If you still have questions after reviewing the size guide we are always happy to help but a lot of times most of your questions will be answered right there in the size guide after a quick glance.
  •  I have a " whatever brand" A2 I would like the same size for my next Gorilla gi? that question is a tough one cause we don't carry other brands or have access to other brands' factory size chart details to be able to compare side by size with ours. Plus most brands tweek and create different size charts to make their gis even if they are using the same BJJ labelling system. it's like any apparel I can go grab an Xl locally from 4 different brands/stores without trying them on first you might end up with 2 that fit you fine but are a bit different in the fit, and one that might be too big and one that might be too small. So its always best to review our guide before placing an order or asking a question if you can of course. if you can't find the info you need we will be happy to help.

Another thing to note is we made our sleeve-to-sleeve measurements a few inches longer than normal and we did this due to shrinkage. When it comes to shrinkage even preshrunk gis shrink just at different rates, based on the fabric weave tight pearl weaves tend to shrink less, colour dyeing process seems to shrink the fabric a bit more before its cut so white gis tend to shrink a bit more than colours gis but not always, poly-cotton blended gis shrink less the 100% cotton gis depending on the blend of polyester to cotton, and just from batch to batch shrink rates will be different from the same brand. A gi that shrank a lot one batch might shrink a bit less or almost not at all on a different batch and vis versa. So because of this we just made the sleeves a bit longer out of the box as i always say it's better to have more material than not enough when it comes to a training gi.