A Pearl Weave Gi is a type of martial arts uniform commonly worn by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. It is made of a fabric woven uniquely to create a distinct texture that resembles the surface with tiny pearls. This type of weave is known for its strength, durability, and lightness, making it a popular choice for Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners who need a uniform that can withstand the rigors of daily training.

The fabric used in Pearl Weave Gis is usually 100% cotton and but some weaves can be a blend of cotton and synthetic materials such as polyester or spandex. This combination provides a comfortable fit while allowing the gi to maintain its shape even after repeated washings and wearings.

The texture of the Pearl Weave also offers a degree of grip that can be helpful in certain grappling situations. It can provide traction for the wearer's hands and feet, making it easier to execute certain techniques and moves while training and doing drills

One thing to remember when selecting a Pearl Weave Gi is that the weave can vary in thickness, affecting the weight of the gi. Some gis may have a lighter or heavier feel based on the thickness of the weave. they tend to be in the 300gram up to the 480gram range.

Overall, Pearl Weave Gis are a popular choice for Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners, due to their strength, durability, and comfortable fit.