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Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)

Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)
Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)
Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)
Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)
Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)
Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)
Black - KomPredator 2.0 Pearl Weave Gi (only M - a2 left)
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  • Reward Points: 5
  • Model: B-GI
  • Weight: 2.00kg
  • Dimensions: 50.00cm x 35.00cm x 5.00cm

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Lightweight 350gram Black Micro Pearl Weave gi

  • New 2022 design
  • Lightweight 350gram (12.5oz) micro pearl weave jacket
  • Lightweight 280gram (10oz) Twill cotton pants
  • Pants come with an elastic waistband with a rope drawstring 
  • Available in 3 different colours: White, blue, and black
  • Contrast colour lapel piping and stitching.
  • Contrast colour triple stitching on jacket and pants
  • Weight of gis starts at just 1.3 kg
  • Perfect bjj gi to compete in
  • Fast drying
  • Comes with removable Gorilla patches (just need a stitch ripper to remove)
  • 100% IBJJF legal

Please review the size chart and photos carefully before placing your order.

Adult Gi Size Chart
SA15’3″-5’7″120 - 150lbs
MA25’7″-5’10″140 - 170 lbs
LA35’10″-6'1″160 - 200 lbs
XLA46'1”-6’4″195 - 230 lbs
2XLA56’3″-6'6″240 - 270lbs
BXLA2X5’5″-5’9″210 - 250 lbs
B2XLA3X5’7″-5'10"240 - 270 lbs
B3XLA4X5’10”-6’2″270 - 330lbs
B4XLA4XX5’10”-6’2″330 - 370 lbs
B5XLA5X6’2″-6'5″360 - 410 lbs
B6XLA5XX6’2″-6'5″400 - 450 lbs
STA2s5’6″-5’10″120-150 lbs
MTA3s5’10″ - 6'1″140 -180 lbs
LTA3s6’1” - 6’4″180 -200lbs

  • Gorilla Fight Gear gis are preshrunk. However, this does not mean your gi will not shrink. expected shrinkage can be 5-10% in the sleeve length over time when washed in hot water and dried in the dryer. depending on the fabric weave. Pearl weaves tend to shrink less than gold weaves for example.
  • We recommend cold wash and hand dry, and never use harsh chemicals like bleach.
  • If your height and weight fall in different categories, we always recommend that you go the larger of the 2 sizes. There are outliers to this case if you are 5'4" and 320lbs I might recommend you go one extra size up in the weight category in this example you'd be a S or BXL in height but a B3XL in weight, due to the fact that B3XL are made for people 8-10" taller it may be too tight on you so you should go one size up to the B4XL to be safe.

How a gi fits you is all about personal preference in reality if a gi is a bit too big it's not the end of the world as it will shrink over time and it can be tailored to fit like a glove. however, if it's too tight for you were it hinders your movement then your shit out of luck.  we'll continue posting photos of people of different body types trying out gis locally at our office and posting how they felt about each size to give you a better feel of how our size chart might fit on you.


  • Small was tight in the shoulders and hips he said if he needed a snug gi for a competition he might buy this size and use it brand new unwashed as it would be harder for opponents to grab but as a daily training gi it would be too tight and most likely wouldn't fit after shrinkage
  • The medium was the best fit out of the box sleeves would shrink down perfectly
  • Large was a bit long but after shrinkage, it could work for him
  • BXL was long and baggy but he did say he'd shrink it and if it needed to be hemmed hed be happy with it


  • Small was to tight in the shoulders and after shrinkage would be to small but out of it looks good
  • the medium fit perfect out of the box but maybe after a year of shrinkage he felt it might be too short in the sleeves for his liking
  • Large was big and baggy but he felt after trying to shrink it down it should fit like the medium so we went with the large


  • Medium fit good but the length was a bit on the short side
  • Medium Tall was the best fit and after shrinkage would still be good
  • The Large was on the baggy side but the length was good
  • Large Tall was just way too big, lengthwise after shrinkage it would be fine but he preferred the MT and the large over this size


  • Out of the box Large fit good maybe over time it would shrink a bit more than he preferred
  • Large Tall fit perfect and there was room for shrinkage
  • XL/A4 is the size that has always been his go-to size for the past decade and a half just for the length. however, after shaping up and cutting 30plus pounds of fat from around his gut and making a feeble attempt at getting jacked (his words), all his fits XL/A4 gis are on the baggy side and the LT is going to be his new go-to size.


  • 2XL felt fine maybe a bit tight in the shoulders also a bit long
  • B2XL felt good and he wanted to buy this size cause out of the box he liked the shorter sleeve length and skirt, but I suggested he try the B3XL
  • After trying on the B3XL which was a bit long in the sleeve but gave more room to move especially after shrinkage

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