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Light Weight Gold Weave BJJ GI

Hello again, my fellow primates.

It looks like we are at it again with part 2 of our top-rated Clubber BJJ Gi series. Our Clubber Gi was a hit with BJJ clubs and anyone looking for a lightweight, comfortable and economical BJJ Gi without sacrificing quality. So now we took it up a notch with a triple pre-shrunk lightweight Gold Weave fabric for anyone who is not a fan of the RipStop fabric; everything is pretty much the same.

Clubber's Unique Features

Here is a small list of some of the features that make the Clubber Gold Weave BJJ gi special.

Xtra Pre-shrunk

The Gold Weave fabric has been processed in a way so that will minimize shrinkage.

Elastic Waistband

The Pants come equipped with an elastic waistband which makes securing the pants hassle-free. 

Drys Quickly

This is the lightest gold weave ever produced, and it drys surprisingly fast with the 1cm thick EVA lapel.


At Gorilla, we make sure the gussets and the levels are made from the same jacket taking durability to the next level. 


The Nerdy Details of the Clubber Gold weave BJJ Gi 


  • 300 Gram Gold Weave fabric super lightweight.
  • Triple shrunk fabric much less shrinkage.
  • 1cm thick rubber lapel, which is medium thickness, and quick drying.
  • Gold weave fabric on the lapel, meaning the lapel should never rip from savages constantly trying to choke you out.
  • Made from one-piece fabric, so fewer seams meaning fewer weak links.
  • Sleeves are made a bit longer, so you'll never have to replace your gi over the years because the sleeve shrank up to your elbows.
  • All stress points are reinforced.
  • All seams are triple stitched.

THE Pants

  • 280 Gram Twill weave fabric is super lightweight and comfortable.
  • Triple shrunk fabric for much less shrinkage.
  • A thick rope with an elastic waistband for easy, hassle-free usage.
  • Gold weave fabric gusset for better durability.
  • Made with no outside seam meaning fewer weak links.
  • All stress points are reinforced.
  • All seams are triple stitched. 

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Gold Weave BJJ Gi

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