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 more Thai Pads , fundamental gis, and journey gis will be restocked by the end of january we hope


If you are in need of good, comfortable, safe Boxing and MMA gloves, we at Gorilla Fight Gear have what you need without a doubt. We stock everything from the best leather sparring gloves to safe protective kids boxing gloves.
Sweat and odour absorbentA cotton flannel outer shell contains red cedar chipsMake your equipment last longer and leave a fresh scentNaturally fresh scent..
Perfect for washing hand wraps in the washing machine Keeps your wraps from getting tangled in the wash Holds 1-3 pairs..
Gorilla Fight Gear's semi-elastic Mexican-styled hand wraps are made from a Cotton/Spandex blend, which allows them to be wrapped tighter and are less bulky than the traditional herringbone weave hand wraps. In addition, they come with a thumb loop and Velcro closure for easy wrapping, which makes t..
Boxing and or kickboxing is a fun way for your child to play while increasing coordination, self-defence, and confidence. Plus, it's a great way to keep them busy and physically active while meeting like-minded people. If you are in the market for an affordable pair of youths' boxing gloves, take a ..
Clean tasteful gloves, matt black with pink trim, and flowers printer down the wrist cuff...
Ah, fellow pugilist on a budget, seeking the perfect gloves to embrace the sweet science without breaking the bank! Fear not, for I shall weave a tapestry of words to guide you to the realm of affordable pugilistic companions. Behold the champions of frugality, the budget-friendly boxing gloves th..
Canada Boxing Gloves Next time you hit the gym, do it in style by showing off your national pride with a pair of these truly Canadian-style boxing gloves. Canadian Pride!!Key Features Here are a few things that set these gloves apart from the rest.Superior Fit These gloves take comfort to the ne..
Hi there, fellow primatesThese MMA training gloves have 2" of handcrafted, multi-layered padding, which allows you to have some much-needed protection when throwing punches at 60-70%. These gloves help prevent those nasty injuries and help the sparring sessions last much longer and at a hi..
ARMY Show off your boxing skills with a pair of slick Army-inspired Thai-style boxing gloves. Muay Thai Boxing GlovesHello, fellow primates. We have added some new boxing gloves to show off your skills and true colours in the gym. These Boxing gloves are our Muay Thai-style gloves but what makes t..
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