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Explore Gorilla's online catalogue of combat sports equipment. We offer top-of-the-line coaching tools to sharpen your student's weapons when training MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai out of the comfort of their home or gym.

Mini Focus Pads Mini Focus Pads
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Gorilla Fight Gear's Mini Focus Pads are lightweight and have one of the smallest striking surfaces of any pair of focus mitts on the market. Designed so as a coach, your fighters will have a tool that will help develop their accuracy and hand speed.  Thick genuine cowhide leather..
Trainers Thigh Pads are perfect for training Muay Thai and kickboxing coaches. This equipment provides heavy-duty protection to the pad holder’s upper legs.The exterior of these pads uses a thick Synthetic Leather, with multiple layers of mixed density padding to protect your legs from teh abuse a h..
Gorilla Fight Gear's Curved focus mitts are designed specifically to take major abuse from Muay Thai and MMA practitioners. These curved focus mitts are a lot thicker than the average curved focus mitts, which give these mitts far greater shock absorption. The curved design also helps maintain a nat..
QuickStrike Lightweight Arm Pads QuickStrike Lightweight Arm Pads
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Quick strike Light weight muay thai arm pads made from the same ultra durable fabric that we use to make out punching bags...
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