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Gorilla head guards are essential protective fight gear for any combat sport such as MMA, boxing, and Muay Thai. Our protective headgear is so soft and comfortable you'll forget you are even wearing it.
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Looking for great economical boxing headgear that won't break the bank? Our headgear comes with 1 1/2 in thick cheek protectors that will help take the sting out of those land straight-line punches while providing great visibility. Key FeaturesNylex reinforced PVC shell for greater du..
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 This Boxing headgear is by far the most protective boxing headgear available for your child. We designed this headgear with your child's safety at the utmost forefront, using 1 1/4 in Hi-Impact foam for ultra shock absorption and 1 1/2 in padding over the nose. Key Features Ny..
$20.00 $49.00
Hey, you crazy primates. Looking for one of the best lightweight headgear for your boxing, Muay Thai or MMA sparring sessions? Our Primal Ultra light head guard has 1.25 to 1.5" of our new SuperShock 2.0 foam padding; this gear is so light and comfortable you'll forget you are wearing it. ..
Razor  Mexican Style Head Guard Freak your training partners out before you even step in the ring while sporting the new Razor head guard.  Head GuardWe have added some new head guards to show off the inner beast in you. These head guards are modified from the popular but expen..
ARMY Show off your slipping skills with your brand new ARMY-inspired Head guard. All The Specs If your Head Guard breaks down on you before the end of the year, send them back, and we will replace them for you. Arctic PVC is a durable, flexible PVC that can handle extra temperatures. Co..
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