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Our Kids gis will be restocked sometime late next week! followed by boxing gloves shin guards etc.


Explore Gorilla's online catalogue of combat sports equipment. We offer top-of-the-line focus pads and punching bags to satisfy anyone training MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai out of the comfort of their home or gym.

Tyro Mesh MMA Gear Bag Tyro Mesh MMA Gear Bag
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Our Tyro Mesh MMA gear bag is large enough to fit all your gear and the kitchen sink.           Mesh fabric gear bag for unbeatable air circulation. 2 zipper pockets on both ends of the bag, each pocket large enough to store a single focus mitt or ..
Mini Focus Pads Mini Focus Pads
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Gorilla Fight Gear's Mini Focus Pads are lightweight and have one of the smallest striking surfaces of any pair of focus mitts on the market. Designed so as a coach, your fighters will have a tool that will help develop their accuracy and hand speed.  Thick genuine cowhide leather..
Gorilla Fight Gear's Curved focus mitts are designed specifically to take major abuse from Muay Thai and MMA practitioners. These curved focus mitts are a lot thicker than the average curved focus mitts, which give these mitts far greater shock absorption. The curved design also helps maintain a nat..
We can fill your punching bags for you, however, local orders only...
These little punching bags are perfect for children 2-5 years old. Thick Ripstop PVC will outlast anything else on the market. Muay Thai and Boxing sized bag perfect for most 2 to 5-year-olds. High-End Zipper for easy refilling. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with nylon straps for ..
With the explosive growth of MMA, youth worldwide are starting to join Martial Arts clubs to begin learning chokeholds, kicks and everything in between. Whether you are a club with youth MMA or Muay Thai programs or a parent with a young child involved in Martial Arts, this bag will be perfect for y..
Hello, my fellow primates. We are bringing in something new with this tiny Headhunter punching bag to work on your slipping, bobbing and weaving. It's a great tool for practising your accuracy on small moving targets. Thick Ripstop PVC will outlast anything else on the market. 10" tall..
Have you been looking for a skinny 4ft punching bag to hone your fists with pinpoint accuracy? Then, our Sharpshooter punching bags are all you need. Thick Ripstop PVC will outlast anything else on the market. 40" tall x 6" wide. High-End zipper for easy refilling. Bottom of the bag is reinf..
4ft punching bag - Unfilled 4ft punching bag - Unfilled
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Our 4ft punching bag is smaller and lighter, which is great for focusing on footwork, cutting angles and evading the bag while training. This bag responds to your punches, elbows, knees, and kicks; the movement of the bag will force you to develop your footwork as you chase and evade the bag to stay..
Gorilla Fight Gear has designed one of the bigger Body Snatcher punching bags on the market, allowing us to fill them with a bit extra weight so you can develop real power with all punching and kicking angles.Thick Ripstop PVC will outlast anything else on the market. Reinforced with a parach..
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