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Whats with BJJ Gis Patches?

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you will see ot only find the standard academy patches, affiliate patches but you can also see people sporting patches for various BJJ Gear companies, Acai companies, Favorite Cartoon characters, favorite slogans, etc..

Originally BJJ Gi patches we a way to advertise an athletes sponsors at one time the more patches you had showed that you had more sponsors backing you. and sponsor aren't something that is easy to get. so if your gi was full of sponsored patches that was a big deal as an athlete as there wasn't any real money in the sport of BJJ to make a living. So it became a trend for gi manufactures to make gis with tons of patchwork as thats what the average BJJ practitioner was looking for at the time, as it made them looks like a competitor at the time.

Now its not about looking like an annoying manufacturer's billboard advertisement that fade went away well over a decade ago. Now BJJ practitioners that add patches to their bjj gis do so in a way to be unique to give their gi a bit of personality. It is something to differentiate themselves to others in the club. 

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