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Why buy Gorilla Boxing & MMA Gloves?

Our Focus right now with our gloves is comfort and safety you will find a few different styles of gloves that each server their specific purpose.  With Gorilla Fight Gear Boxing gloves our primary focus is on comfort and protection of your hands. You we also offer gloves that come in different sized hand compartments some gloves are designed to fit smaller hands while other are designed to fit larger hands. The foams we use are primarily ment to protect ones hands from the daily abuse of boxing , Muay Thai or MMA. The same goes for our MMA gloves. So you should be able to find something that meets your specific needs.

Most of our Boxing and MMA gloves manufactured by Gorilla can be used for both training and sparring. Just keep in mind that the leather gloves will be more durable and last longer however the comfort and protections should be the same regardless of the shell we put on the gloves. .

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