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Razor Boxing Head Guard

Razor Boxing Head Guard
Razor Boxing Head Guard
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  • Model: HG-RAZ-1
  • Weight: 1.00kg
  • Dimensions: 30.00cm x 30.00cm x 10.00cm
  • SKU: HG-RAZ-1

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Razor  Mexican Style Head Guard

Freak your training partners out before you even step in the ring while sporting the new Razor head guard. 

Head Guard

We have added some new head guards to show off the inner beast in you. These head guards are modified from the popular but expensive Mexican-style head guards you can find coming from Japan. In addition, we made a few changes based on customer feedback, such as slanting the cheeks for better visibility and a Velcro converter.


All The Specs

If your Head Guard breaks down on you before the end of the year, send them back, and we will replace them for you. 

  • Arctic PVC is a durable, flexible PVC that can handle extra temperatures.
  • Compact surface area to make it harder to get hit.
  • 1.5" SuperShock 2.0 padding over the forehead which takes safety to the next level without making the headgear bulky
  • 1.3" raised padding on the tips of the cheeks to add a bit extra protection to your nose.
  • Nice snug fit
  • Durable, Amara inner liner that is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Available in Black
  • In Small (youths), Medium (most people), Large (bigger heads), XL ( for Gorilla's)

Modified Mexican style head guard

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