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We are clearing this headgear out cause its a bit too bulky sure its super protective but keep in mind that its bulky and your kids may or may not like having it on for too long once the novelty that they can hit each other full out without getting hurt has worn off.

This Boxing headgear is by far the most protective boxing headgear available for a child. We actually challenge you to find a better headgear for your child, and if you find it. I have 2 boys (6 and 13yrs) and i designed this headgear with them in mind. It’s a bit on the big side for any 5-6 years olds, but with some adjustments and patience you can make it fit securely.

Key Features 

  • Nylex reinforced PVC shell for greater durability.
  • 1 1.4 inch Hi-Impact pad same which offers amazing comfort and shock absorption.
  • 1 1/2 inches of padding over the nose which provides unbeatable protection for your child.
  • Almost 2 much protection for your child if that is such a thing
  • Super Wide velcro rear strapping system, with bungee laces so when you tie them up the first time you’ll never have to do it again.
  • Available in In small (for kids up to 6-8yrs old) (see size chart tab for more details)
  • These boxing headgears do over great face protection, but if your looking for even more protection look at our small silverback, Kong Facesaver, and Kong No Contact Caged headgears they will offer even more protection but are a bit pricier

    This Kids Boxing headgear are in stock and ready to ship via our warehouse in Winnipeg Canada


    How to measure your Child’s head

  • Measure around their head, with a flexible measuring tape for the best result
  • Be sure go around the widest part of your head so the tape should be located just about your brow on the front and halfway on your occipital bone, the humped part at the back of your head.
  • Measure a few times to obtain a consistent size
  • Use the chart below to determine your headgear size
  • Fit Guide

    Once you have measured your child’s head, you’ll know his size and can start shopping. Keep in mind that not everyone may conform to the size chart provided but most people should. Also if your Just below the size chart it should still be fine as your child will grow into their new headgear, and if you’re just above the recommended size please take a look at or greenhorn headgears as they will fit better and provide more room for growth.

    Quick Note: The average child’s head circumference for 4-6yr olds are 51-53cm, 6-8 yr old are normally 53-54cm, 8-10yr olds is normally around 54-55cm. which all fit inside our headgear just fine. Meanwhile, if your child is a preteen the average size for 10-12yr olds as around 55-57cm which puts them one size up into our standard sizes.

    Size Centimeters Inches
    Small 55-58.5cm 21 1/4 – 23″

    For this Headgear we’ve fitted children with 52cm up to 54.5cm heads, you can even fit adults with 59cm heads but the ear holes won’t line up and the cheek protectors won’t protect the nose like they were meant to do, but in a pinch it will still work.



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