About Us

For 20 years, Gorilla Fight Gear has been an innovative, small family-owned retailer of combat equipment and technical fight apparel business specializing in plus-size fight gear. We work directly with our manufacturers to create affordable, comfortable, safe, durable fight equipment and apparel.

However, this is about your story and how we can help you on your martial arts journey.

  • We started our plus-size line after a client came to us needing gear to get back in shape, but at the time, we didn’t have anything that would fit him. We even brought in different brands, but again nothing fit. That was when we decided to contact our manufacturer and create BJJ Gis for our bigger-sized clients. So now we are starting to expand our plus-size line into Muay Thai gear. 
  • We brought in ultra-light ripstop BJJ Gis after a client came to us saying our current 550gram single weave Gi, which was considered a lightweight Gi at the time, was too hot to train in. So we started making 280gram ripstop Gis that ended up being the perfect Gi for travelling. 
  • We brought in ultra-light youth Gis after a few local clubs contacted us stating that kids 4-7 did not want to wear the current kid’s Gis and feared losing clients because of this. Bringing in our ultra-light youth BJJ Gis which is more comfortable and breathable, solved that issue.
  • We focus on making comfortable, durable protective equipment so our clients can focus on their story of becoming combat athletes.  

Our goal is to design fight gear you will want to wear so you can then focus on your MMA story.

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