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Why buy Gorilla BJJ Gis?

On our website, you will find more than a few types of BJJ Gis of all sizes  ranging from kids, tall slim, regular and big sizes, and in several colors such as white, black , blue as well as pink army green and grey. As a reminder, the onlr colors allows in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition are the only the three colors of White, Blue and Black. . Becuase of the different types of weaves, weights, sizes and selection of colors with  Gorilla Fight Gear you should be able to find something that meets your specific needs.

Most BJJ Gis manufactured by Gorilla can be used for both training and competition, all our gis are pre-shrunk to avoid unpleasant surprises, however th gis that are 100% cotton will still shrink in the sleeve length and pant length. all our gis have been treated to prevent the colors from running or fading in the wash as quickly.


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