Just in case you forgot we got headgear

Just in case you guys forgot we have some sick headgear. Perfect for whatever your choice of stand up combat sport ends up being. Boxing, Muay Thai, American style kickboxing, karate, tae kwon do, MMA whatever you’re into our headgear will not disappoint. We currently carry some of the most comfortable lightweight boxing headgear on […]

Do You love concussions!

Not sure what these 2 guys are up to but they seem to enjoy the idea of handing out concussions like it’s Halloween candy to the rest of their class. To me, this doesn’t make you tougher it will just make you punch drunk that much sooner then you would already become. On a side […]

You Should Do BJJ

This is an awesome explanation of why you should do Brazilian jiu-jitsu from one of joe rogan’s podcast (explicit language) Joe Rogan is hitting the hammer on the nail 100%, no martial art on the planet gets you mentally ready for a real confrontation then Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In BJJ every day you step on the mat and fight grown men […]