If a product does not function as warranted during the warranty period, you may obtain after-sales service through our Return Form. Then let us know what issue you are having and how we can do to help.


Your free replacement period begins the day you place your order and expires at the end of the “Free Replacement Period.” If and when a product is replaced the warranty DOES NOT renew and ends at the time of product replacement.


Warranty periods for Gorilla Fight Gear products.

  • 1-year warranty for Silverback line products
  • 120-day warranty for primal line products
  • 60-day standard return policy for all other products
  • No warranty for sale items as they are final sale

If a Gorilla Fight Gear product fails due to a material or manufacturing defect, we offer a 1-time replacement with the same product or with one of similar market value. Gorilla Fight  Gear will use best efforts to replace.

THE FOLLOWING are not covered by or will void the  WARRANTY

  1. Any modification made to the product.
  2. The product has been subjected to obvious abuse, neglect, misuse or improper storage.
  3. Normal wear and tear of boxing equipment: foam getting soft, fading, stitches popping, contact area becoming thinner.
  4. Normal wear and tear of Jiu-Jitsu equipment: stitches popping, seams giving out, fabric at knees and elbows getting thinner, lapel fabric starting to see wear, and color fading  is not covered.
  5. Product is not returned within the warranty period unless specific product literature specifies otherwise.
  6. The product must be purchased from our online store at retail value for us to offer the warranty replacement service.


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